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Each year in April, Evinston erupts with yellow! The flowers are everywhere and it’s so stunning. Last year, I took a pretty sweet iPhone shot and this year I was lucky enough to snag professional photos of this pretty girl we had so much fun and laughed the whole time. Isn’t […]

Rachel | julia ray photography

Richardson Ranch

I am spending the weekend with these sweet boys and am so excited! They are both at such a fun age so we can play and do whatever. I love getting to hang out with them, and in this case, let them take pictures. Both Major and Hobby thought it […]

Richardson Ranch | julia ray photography

Zari & Josh

Zari is one of my long-time friends from high school and asked me to capture her engagement photos Originally, they wanted a beach shoot, which I still really really really wanna do, but we ended up at Thomas Center in Gainesville. I absolutely love how “real” these photos turned out. […]

Zari & Josh | julia ray photography

Jeep lovin’

So like you all know, I am absolutely obsessed with my jeep (refer to Instagram if you’re confused) and am super excited for all the modifications I have planned sooo soon! This was taken like a week before my 1st anniversary of owning Tucker (back in August) My birthday is […]

Tucker | julia ray photography


We left for Beijing on a Friday afternoon. Nanjing to Beijing is about 12 hours in a car, but on the high-speed train is only four hours. The train resembles a monorail and it always stays on the same track, so the sweats swivel around. The train keeps an average […]


the moon

Lately I’ve been obsessed with landscapes and the sky. I love watching the shapes of clouds, the differences in blues, and the way the land seems to change when the light changes. With the time change (yay for longer days!) everything seems more beautiful. This property is right next to […]

moon | julia ray photography