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One of my favorite passions in conceptual photography. Each day we are surrounded by advertisements – on television, on Facebook, on our phones, when we drive, etc. I love the inspiration I receive from various advertisements. It is so cool experiencing what is effective, and what falls flat. Conceptual photography is interesting and one of my passions because I can take an idea and create a scene and a moment – all in a single photo.

One of my favorite quotes, “A picture is a secret about a secret, the more it tells you, the less you know,” -Diane Arbus

This quote is so true. What draws us in is the discoveries we find. One glance at a photo is like gleaning information from a various passerby on the street. What makes it interesting is the story it tells, or rather doesn’t tell. The information you seek can be in the crinkle of the eyes, the darkness in the corners, or the lack of clarity. Some of the best photos have no explanation and a leading caption.